Civil War History

Springfield Union Cemetery
Springfield, Wisconsin 53147

Civil War History

A CIVIL WAR RESTING PLACE – According to records provided by Tim and Karen Schinkes, there are at least 17 Union soldiers buried in Union Cemetery. There may be more. Records indicate that some graves in Union Cemetery are unmarked, including those of some soldiers. Identified Civil War veterans buried in Union Cemetery are: 1. James P. Aiken, Co. C, 22nd Wisconsin Regiment, died at Murfreesboro, Tenn. Feb. 23, 1861, age 18. Probably the youngest Civil War veteran buried here. 2. J.W. Beeman, died July 26, 1887, age 55. 3. Henry Boyle, grave unmarked, known to be buried here. Age unknown. 4. Nathan Chapel, died June 12, 1880, age 92. Maybe the oldest Union veteran buried here. 5. Charles E. Dutcher, Co. F., regiment of New York volunteer cavalry, died Dec. 22, 1861, age 36. 6. G.S. Holmes, Co. K, 8th Wisconsin Infantry. No date of death, no age. 7. John Hubbard, died Dec. 29, 1875, age 68. 8. John Hicks, 1841-1888. 9. C.G. Harms, Co. D, 20th Wisconsin Infantry, no date of death, no age. 10. James Lewis, 1845-1880. 11. Henry Olp, 1812-1887. 12. John H. Squires Co. F 111th Wisconsin Regiment, died in defense of his country. 13. Charles W. Smith, died at Vicksburg, Miss. Aug. 3, 1864, age 23. 14. William P. Underwood, 1876-1927, Co. B, 22nd Wisconsin Infantry 15. Levi Weeks, grave unmarked. No date of death, no age. 16. Theodore Weeks, grave unmarked. Co.F 4th Wisconsin Cavalry. 17. J. N. Webster, Co. K 13th Wisconsin Regiment.

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